Detention on your first day of High School is one thing, but your teacher trying to eat you is a bit excessive… Set in suburban Florida, Tyler Graham and his friends must band together to survive a zombie outbreak.

Written by Jed Cullen, Zaven is a witty thriller that delves into the psychological aspects of power and hardship and its ability to lead one’s mind astray. For in a lawless dystopia, curiosity is an immensely dangerous thing…

Ultimately, what caused the outbreak and how is Russia involved? Can a sense of morality be maintained when extreme violence and secrecy is the norm? And is it possible to create a Zombie Free Haven…? The truth is out there… just at what cost?

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Jed Cullen

Jed is a Business Graduate of Griffith University. He has experience with working Internationally as a Data Acquisition Processor for an Australian - South African based Survey Company. Whilst not slugging it out in the field, he focuses his attention on creating original stories both in text and video, with several pieces of content receiving millions of views on Youtube.

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